S & S Sport Soap Ltd.

Our Story

S & S is a family venture that started when the rink stink just became too much! After discovering that there weren’t any products specifically formulated to attack the after stench of a gritty win the research ensued. S & S set out to develop products for hard working athletes that were made with simple ingredients so that every body could use them. Following a year of painstaking research, testing, smelling and showering we did it, we developed a line that would allow your mom to not have to drive with her head out the window in -30.


It’s about playing hard, having fun and not stinking. Yes, we have a hockey theme but our products are for everyone who’s out there giving it their best shot! Our package designs are to serve as a reminder that no matter what level, win or lose, the game should still be fun.

All of our products are free from harmful ingredients and are made for every body (not just everybody) because all bodies are amazing!


To create fun, innovative and effective products for all athletes giving it their best shot!

Our Vision

We are dedicated to continuously evolve and expand our offerings to include a wide range of innovative products, free from harmful ingredients, to athletes of all ages. We strive to inspire inclusivity, determination, and achievement both within our company and the sports community.


Personal achievements are celebrated by all but we recognize that it is working as a team that gets us to the finish line. It is through succeeding together that we can continue to grow not only as a company, but also within ourselves. We believe that equitable hiring, training opportunities and internal promotion is a strategy for success.

Community and Charitable Giving

S & S donates product and a percentage of proceeds to a variety of youth sports programs.